Modern Rustic...

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There is just something that I love about the little mod-vintage pieces mixed in here.  

images via beautifulism


Chandeliers in the bedroom..

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What do you think of chandeliers for the bedroom? They are definitely growing on me, so romantic!  

Happy Monday! 

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Image from cote sud via linen and lavender


Living and dining room project

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Hello, I hope you are having a relaxing Sunday after a wonderful weekend! 

I wanted to share a project that I have been working on with the lovely Jennifer for her home. She has a wonderful space that is perfect for making a cozy family atmosphere.  I am so lucky to have wonderful people to work with and I am so excited to see how it all turns out!

More details to come....

Wish List: Sarah from Haute Design

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I am very excited to welcome Sarah from Haute Design here on greige!  Sarah always has the most inspiring posts that temp me with fashion, interiors and all kinds of goodies!!

Hello, this is Sarah from Haute Design. For those who are not familiar with my blog, I share a wide range of people, places and things—from incredible, sprawling countryside homes, to chic street style in Paris, to unique vintage packaging. I am thrilled to be here today, sharing some lovely things that I have come across, that I would certainly add to my Christmas list, but are also some things I would love to give. I selected a range of items, from very affordable pieces for under $20, to more luxurious gifts. Most are available worldwide for your shopping consideration.


Christmastime is so magical, and it is especially fun putting beautiful gifts together for those you love. I personally always look for a theme when it comes to gift giving—no matter how large or small a gift may be. Even something as small as dainty hair pins contained in a chic box can be a special gift for your kind neighbour, who is always sending over baking, and who is really more like family. So grab a little notebook (I always keep a mini notebook for gift planning) and take down anything that catches your eye...

01 Chocolate Fondue Pots: A lovely gift for a hostess. These chic stoneware pots, available in milk and dark chocolate, warm quickly and easily and are delicious with fresh fruit.

02 Les Exclusifs de Chanel, Beige: An intense powdery floral of natural elegance and grace. Created by CHANEL Master Perfumer Jacques Polge in 2008, a blend of new white petals and yellow gold flowers are highlighted by hints of honey that reveal its discreet sensuality—for the lady of glamour in your life.

03 Lavender–filled postcard sachets: These lovely vintage postcard sachets are pretty and sure to please. Bundle two together and tie with a ribbon, and/or give them with a luxurious robe.

04 Voluspa Maison Noir Ambre Lumiere Votive Candle in Cosmetic Jar: An amazing scent placed in a very glamorous jar. This candle is the perfect little hostess gift, and a personal favorite scent.

05 Estate Jewelry Box, Cameo: Place a necklace, chocolates, or even a lovely note inside for a surprise. This cameo box is so multi–useful and completely charming.

06 All That Remains Bobbies: Place these pins in the box shown above or pair them up with a great book. Perfect for celebrations or... just because.

07 The Swing Coat: An original piece of Fifi Lapin for the stylish lady in your life. All Fifi Lapin purchases come with a Fifi collectors card.

08 Metal Key Holder: Ladurée, the famous house of Parisian cake store, collaborated with the Japanese brand Mark's to present this collection of key holders. Choose from a cat, dog or rabbit.

09 Ice block bowl: Artistically unique, this chic bowl is a wonderful statement piece. Fill with something special or gift it by itself. (There are also vases available in the same collection)

10 Faux Fur Tippet: An on–trend, retro-inspired faux fur tippet makes a sophisticated topper for any evening ensemble, and most especially, your favorite LBD.


Dressing up and going out...

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Sometimes we all need a little sparkle...  I hope you all had a great Thanks giving!  I love the mirror and the dress in this photo- so fun!  I am looking forward to doing a little dressing up and going out tomorrow for my birthday.  Have a wonderful day!

image via Little Emma English Home


The Thanksgiving Table

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Happy Thanks giving. I hope you have a wonderful relaxing day planned!  Wouldn't this be dreamy for Thanks giving, of course there may not be room for the food - but what can you do- beauty is pain right!

I do have to take a moment to say Thank you to all of you my wonderful readers for joining me here so often on the blog!  It truly has become a big part of my everyday life and I appriciate you all. 
Have a lovely day!

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Advertising on greige

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Interested in advertising on greige?  I am now accepting sponsors for December.  For more information on advertising please check here.


image via canadian house and home

Cream in the kitchen...

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I just love exposed shelving and the clean white dishes!

Are you ready for the holiday? I am cooking turkey (second time around) this year and hosting the family. Should be fun and busy. Sometimes I really love just being the guest though... 

Hoping to have an update on the dining room makeover for you after the holiday!!!

image by chris everard


Modern mix

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The iron windows and doors mix so well with the modern transitional space..  Love the blue!

image via Desire to inspire


Falling for the natural neutral pallette - Grey doors

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The subtle use of grey in both of these spaces is so beautiful.  I love the doors in grey and the simplicity of it mixed with the white walls.  I may have to try this somewhere....

Stop by HallReady today and see our q &a

images via desire to inspire


Christopher Peacock's gorgeous grey and white kitchen

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This kitchen is my dream right now! The clean crisp feeling of the cabinetry with the grey paint!  Love the hanging lights and the modern twist with the table and chairs!  Perfection!

images via traditional home discovered on my sweet savannah


Wish List : Lisa from The Lisa Porter Collection

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A big Thank you to Lisa for being a part of our Wish list guest series!  Lisa was one of the first people to welcome me and My Sparrow to the world of the blog!

It's the most wonderful time of the year

to be a blogger and I want thank one of my

SoCal friends, Christina Fluegge, for inviting me

to be her guest at greige!

I just love Christina's stylish responsibility,

which makes greige design and My Sparrow two

of my favorite places to land.

Christina inquired about my holiday wish list

and asked if I would share it with all of you.

Absolutely, here is a list of just a few of

my favorite things to give & to receive.

Thanks again Christina, this was fun!

xo, Lisa

Let's go to iomoi! Ok!

As I mentioned last week, iomoi makes sending

your latest & greatest emails newsworthy events

when you use your own custom designed


Click on the monkeys & they will show you

the way to design a free sample for yourself!

And to keep the art of  handwritten notes

alive and well, just look, iomoi offers the best

selection of stocking stuffers  around! 

Back to emails for just a second...

How much fun would it be to send

  snazzy e-stationary on a

Way fun!

This gal looks like a happy blogger!

To learn more about the amazing things

that you can do on one of these,

check it all out at

How sweet it is ...

that these two are still

making beautiful music together!

Carole King & James Taylor

are still singing the songs we loved back then

& these days they sound better than ever!

Do you love the scent of a fresh cut privet...

A privet candle from

fills the air with that crisp green earthy scent

I crave on the coldest days of winter.

Speaking of earthy, the day I discovered

My Sparrow, was the day

I fell in love with Henry!

The Henry Woven Bench from My Sparrow is all about comfort and bringing things into your life & home that make you smile.

Smile & look fresh as a flower in a suit or t-shirt & jeans sporting a hand-stitched bloom on your lapel from

Each bloom Emerson makes is one of a kind, varied, and has it's own unique character and soul.

Kind of a flower soul mate! 

Speaking of flowers...

Indulge yourself with the scent of clementine leaves sparkling in the morning dew

above a heart of orange blossom

and water lily with the

I don't know about you, but during the holidays I actually look forward to spending time in the kitchen.

It's where everyone loves to gather & I love reading old family recipes even though I know them by heart. So why not wear something pretty while I whip up something gourmet!

Ashley over at Ice Milk Aprons has designed

a gourmet line of heirloom aprons

that will keep this hostess looking

crisp and pulled together.

  All of Ashley's ideas make for a meaningful

gift giving experience!

Now, let me ask you, do you know how much

 I love bicycles?

I've had my favorite beach cruiser from our California days forever. I'm not selling it...way to sentimental. 

However, I'm thinking that my cruising days are behind me and that I would do swell on this Classic Ladies 3-speed from Schwinn . It's a beauty! 

And last but certainly not least...

Planting a tree

is a beautiful way to honor someone!

is a delightful farm that specializes in growing trees that can be given as a gift and planted to honor a special friend or family member.

A tree or seedling suited for a special teacher comes beautifully wrapped and is the perfect way to say thank you for helping our children to grow & learn.

A living tree symbolizes strength and endurance

as these kinds of gift have the potential

to last centuries.

So... there you have it my friends,

the makings for an enjoyable holiday season.

Start your day on a bike ride with your kids.

  Around the block or through the park,

just get outside and play!

Send a festive invitation to friends on your ipad

using your e-stationary. Fill your home with music

from James Taylor & Carole King

and fill the air with the scent

of a fresh-cut privet. As you prepare

to greet your guests, put a dab of orange blossom

behind each ear

and a beautiful flower on your lapel.

Tie on an heirloom apron

& Serve a gourmet dinner in the kitchen

that everyone will remember.

Then sit back

and relax with Henry & friends. You deserve it!

Sounds to me like a

 lovely way to celebrate

the the holidays.

XO Lisa

Moving on... weekend wishes

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I saw this sweet video at Bardot in Blue this morning and had to share... Wishing I was in Paris for the Holidays. Do you ever wish you could travel for the Holidays? I am hoping to take my family to Paris for Christmas one year when the kids are bigger...


Time and Texture...

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This is just a gorgeous space.. I love all of the different elements that go into making up this photo!!

On a separate note- I am only going to say this one time and I hope you don't mind.  I truly appreciate everyone who takes a minute out of their day to visit here and leave comments.  With that said.. if you would like to leave a comment that is in poor taste, I would rather you did not, and if you still choose to leave a comment that is in poor taste, at least have the (excuse the expression) balls to put your name on it!  I would really rather not edit comments - we are here to enjoy beautiful pictures not be grumpy and rude!!!!

image via trouvais


Holiday cheer...

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Are you ready??  I know I know.  I should not forget that next week is Thanksgiving... but I am ready to toss out the pumpkins and bring in the greenery...  You?  Have you started your Holiday shopping??

image via pinterest


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This space made me feel instantly at ease when I first saw it! 

Loving the yellow (again)!

image via Virginia MacDonald